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Самые полезные английские фразы 51 - 100

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стихнуть, пройти

Wait here till his anger blows over.

итог, основной момент

The bottom line is, I don’t have enough money.


The police broke into the robber’s house.

разбить сердце

The news of her death broke his heart.

сломать неловкость при знакомстве

The party was dull until someone broke the ice with a joke and we all laughed.

break the news — tell new facts

сообщить важную новость

CNN is breaking the news right now.

обеспечить семью

He works very hard at several places to bring home the bacon.

отмахнуться от

The boss brushed off my project again.

освежить в памяти

You need to brush up on the tenses.

обязательно, конечно

Do you need my help? — By all means.


Learn this poem by heart for tomorrow.

любым путем, любым способом

She will get what she wants by hook or by crook.


By the way, Ann is coming back today.

называть вещи своими именами

He always tells the truth and calls a spade a spade.

считать работу законченной

We’ve been working for 10 straight hours. Let’s call it a day.

отменить, отозвать

The police called off the search.

доводить до конца

She never carries out her plans.

иметь вес

His advice always carries weight here.

повергнуть в уныние

He was cast down by the bad news.

(строить) воздушные замки

Instead of working hard, he spends time building castles in the air.

привлечь внимание

This picture caught my eye.

перевести дух

I can’t run, I need to catch my breath.

застать врасплох

He caught me off guard with his question.

поймать за руку, когда делал плохое

The manager caught the boy red-handed when he was stealing cigarettes.


He needs to catch up with the others.

что-то плохое, что едва не случилось

The speeding car almost hit the man. That was really a close call.

наткнуться на

I came across that article yesterday.

заболеть чем-то

I’m coming down with a cold.

взяться за ум, придти в себя

He finally came to his senses, started to work hard, and passed his exams.


My dream came true when I met Pat.


Mike came up with a brilliant idea.

рассчитывать на

You can always count on me for help.

срезать углы; ограничить расходы

He ran fast, cutting corners where he could. I have to cut corners this week.

сократить потребление

You have to cut down on chocolate.

быть созданным для какой-то работы

She isn’t cut out to be a surgeon. He’s cut out to be a leader.

сделать все, что смог

сделать все, что смог

I did my best to help him in his work.

сделать положенное

I’ll do my bit, you can count on me.

сделать заново

This work is not good, do it over.

принести пользу

Fresh air and exercise will do you good.

делать (вредные) дела за спиной

I hate people who do things behind my back. He did it behind my back again.

обходиться без

I’ll have to do without a car for a while.


He’s quiet, sensible and down to earth.

ограничить (предел)

He drew the line for her at $100 a day.


What are you dressed up for?

подвезти до, подбросить до

Can you drop me off at the bank?

быть отчисленным

He dropped out of school last year.

долг обязывает

He said, «Duty calls» and left for work.

легче сказать, чем сделать

It’s easier said than done, but I’ll try to do it.

брать назад слова

He had to eat his words after her report.

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