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Самые полезные английские фразы 1 - 50

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I knew it! After all, I was right!

все время, всегда

I knew about his little secret all along.

весь во внимание

I am all ears.


All of a sudden, he refused to pay.

все равно, без разницы

If it’s all the same to you, let’s start at two.

неуклюжий, неумелый

He can’t fix anything, he’s all thumbs.

яблоко раздора

This question is an apple of discord in our family.

как правило

As a rule, we offer a 5% discount.

что касается меня, по моему мнению

As far as I am concerned, both the book and the movie are good.

тоже, также

He knows math, and physics as well.

совсем (не)

He doesn’t know French at all. I don’t like it at all.

наугад, без плана

He chose those places at random.

на данном этапе

At this point, we can’t turn back.

готов сделать

I was about to leave when you called.

настаивать, чтобы сделал

His mother is always after him to study.

очень устать

I’m all in, I’d better go to bed now.

встать на ноги после трудного времени

He’s back on his feet after a long period of debt and unemployment.

ходить вокруг да около

Stop beating around the bush! Get to the point!

быть вне себя от волнения, горя и др.

She was beside herself with worry / with grief.

в лучшей ситуации (материально)

He’ll be better off with a new job.

быть «на мели» (без денег)

I spent all my money, I’m broke.

не беречь что-то

My son is hard on shoes, they don’t last long with him. Life was pretty hard on Tom.

быть в начале списка нужных вещей

A new car is high on my list of priorities. A new TV is not high on my list.

быть ответственным за

He is in charge of marketing.

быть убыточным

Our sales were in the red last year.

увлекаться чем-то

He is into computers. She is into sports.

очень стараться

I bent over backwards to help her.

Я уже еду

I’m on my way.

на всякий случай

Take an extra key, just to be on the safe side.

нет в наличии

We are out of bread, cheese, and sugar.

быть не в форме

He needs to exercise, he is out of shape.

не в духе

Leave him alone, he’s out of sorts today

не хватать времени или денег

I’m pressed for time now. We are pressed for money at the moment.

не по существу, не относится к делу

What I said to him privately is beside the point.

винить за ошибку, неправильные действия

Who is to blame for this awful mistake? Tom is to blame for this mix-up.

на грани; неясно, куда повернется

He was very sick, and for some time it was touch and go, but he is better now.

иметь серьезные проблемы в чем-то, с чем-то

Our company is up against serious attempts of hostile takeover.

встать на ноги, поправиться

He was sick for a month, but now he is up and around.

по уши

I’m up to my ears in work.

задумать, затеять

I have to check what the kids are up to.

на ваше усмотрение, под вашу ответственность

It’s up to you to decide. It’s up to you to close the office every day at 8 o’clock.

быть привычным к

I’m used to hard work. He’s used to heat.

важная персона

He is a big shot around here.

переоценить свои силы

I couldn’t handle two jobs and family. I really bit off more than I could chew.

прикусить язык

I almost told her, but bit my tongue.

умереть, падать ниц

Many of them bit the dust in that war.

паршивая овца

Their second son is the black sheep of the family, he is good for nothing.

свидание вслепую

She refuses to go on a blind date again because she had bad experience.

потерять шанс

He understood that he blew it.

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