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Самые полезные английские фразы 101 - 150

Список наиболее необходимых английских выражений. Расположены по алфавиту.

тем не менее

I work hard. Even so, I like my job.

время от времени

Every now and then I visit my old aunt.

через один

She washes her hair every other day.

отстать от

The little boy fell behind the older boys.


Tom fell in love with Sue at first sight.


They fell out of love and divorced soon.

ложная тревога

I heard he quit but it was a false alarm.

далеко не такой хороший, как

His second book wasn’t bad, but it was a far cry from his first book.

чувствовать, что случится плохое

Something bad is going to happen, I feel it in my bones.

быть склонным к занятию чем-то

I feel like going for a walk. I don’t feel like working now, I’m tired.

в состоянии сделать

I don’t feel up to cleaning the house.

слишком редкие

Her visits are few and far between.


He always finds faults with everybody.

узнать, обнаружить

I found out that Maria left town.

из первых рук, достоверная информация

You can trust it, it’s firsthand information.

сначала главное

First things first: how much money do we have to pay right away?

разозлиться (вдруг)

He flew off the handle and yelled at me. s.

идти по чьим-то следам, делать то же

Igor followed in his father’s footsteps, he became a doctor, too.

получить шанс на работу

Nina got a foot in the door because her friend works in that company.

заплатить по счету

Her father footed the bill for the party.


After her death, he left town for good.

на данное время

For the time being, this house is all right for us.


I can’t do it in this frame of mind.

от начала до конца

He knows this town from A to Z.


From now on, I forbid you to go there.

контролировать свои чувства

Stop crying! Get a grip on yourself!

быть в хороших отношениях, ладить

Ann gets along with most coworkers, but doesn’t get along with Laura.

уйти от наказания

The police didn’t find the thief. He got away with his crime.

слишком увлечься чем-то

слишком увлечься чем-то

He got carried away with opening a store and lost most of his money.

побояться сделать

I wanted to try it but got cold feet.

расквитаться с кем-то

I’ll get even with him for everything!

связаться с кем-то

Get in touch with Mr. Smith for help.

потерять дорогу

She got lost in the old part of town.


I don’t want to see you again. Get lost!


I got mixed up, went the wrong way and got lost.

отстать от кого-то

Stop bothering me! Get off my back!

вести себя высокомерно

Every time I ask her to help me with typing, she gets on her high horse.

сесть на (транспорт)

I got on the bus on Oak Street.

сойти с (транспорта)

I got off the bus at the bank.

выйти из-под контроля

If he gets out of hand again, call me right away.

поправиться, преодолеть что-то

I can’t get over how rude he was to me. She got over her illness quite quickly.


He got rid of his old useless car.

собираться вместе

My friends and I get together often.

добраться до сути

He usually gets to the bottom of things.

дойти до сути дела

Get to the point!

с меня хватит

Come on, stop it! Give me a break!

помочь кому-то

Can you give me a hand with cooking?

подвезти кого-то

Can you give me a lift to the bank? He gave her a ride in his new Porsche.

высказать, что на уме, критиковать

She lost my umbrella again, so I gave her a piece of my mind about her carelessness.

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