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Самые полезные английские фразы 301 - 350

Список наиболее необходимых английских выражений. Расположены по алфавиту.

put up with — accept, tolerate

мириться с, терпеть

I can’t put up with your bad work!

quite a bit of — much, a lot of


I had quite a bit of trouble with that car.

quite a few — many, a lot of


He wrote quite a few good stories.

rack one’s brain — try hard to think

напрячь мозги

He racked his brain to solve the puzzle.

read between the lines — find or understand the implied meaning

читать между строк

His books are not easy to understand; you have to read between the lines.

remember me to — say hello to

передать привет от

Please remember me to your family.

right away — immediately

сразу же, немедленно

It’ very important to do it right away.

ring a bell — remind someone of something familiar /half-forgotten

напоминает что-то знакомое

Annabel Lee? Yeah, it rings a bell, but I can’t place it right now.

rock the boat — make the situation unstable

раскачивать лодку, вести к нестабильности

Peter always rocks the boat when we discuss company’s spending policy.

rub shoulders with — meet with

rub shoulders with — meet with

He doesn’t rub shoulders with the rich.

rub someone the wrong way — irritate, annoy, make angry

раздражать, злить кого-то

His remarks rub many coworkers the wrong way.

run into — meet by chance

случайно встретить

I ran into an old friend yesterday.

save face — try to change the negative impression produced

спасать репутацию

He said a stupid thing and tried to save face by saying he misunderstood me.

save one’s breath — stop useless talk

не трать слова попусту

There’s no use talking to him about his spending habits, so save your breath.

scratch the surface — study something superficially

изучать поверхностно

He examines all the facts closely, he doesn’t just scratch the surface.

see about — make arrangements for

позаботиться о чем-то

I have to see about our plane tickets.

see eye to eye — agree

сходиться в мнении

We don’t see eye to eye any longer.

serve someone right — get what someone deserves


It serves him right that he didn’t get this job, he despised all other candidates.

show promise — be promising


I waited for hours but he didn’t show up.

size up — evaluate someone

оценить, составить мнение

It took me 5 minutes to size up that man.

sleep on it — postpone a decision till next morning

отложить решение до следующего утра

Don’t decide now, sleep on it.

a slip of the tongue — a mistake

обмолвка (ошибка)

It was just a slip of the tongue!

slip (from) one’s mind — forget


It slipped my mind what she asked me.

smell a rat — suspect something

подозревать недоброе

I’m not sure what it is, but I smell a rat.

so far — up to now

до сих пор, пока

So far, I have read 3 books by King.

so much the better — it’s even better

еще лучше

If he can pay cash, so much the better.

spill the beans — tell a secret


Who spilled the beans about our plan?

stand a chance — have a chance

нет шансов

He doesn’t stand a chance of getting it.

stand out — be noticeable


He stands out in any group of people.

stand to reason — be logical

логично, что

It stands to reason that he apologized.

straight from the shoulder — speak frankly

честно, откровенно

Don’t try to spare my feelings, give it to me straight from the shoulder.

take a dim view of something — disapprove of something

не одобрять

My sister takes a dim view of the way I raise my children.

take a break — stop for rest

сделать перерыв

Let’s take a break, I’m tired.

take advantage of — use for one’s own benefit, to profit from

воспользоваться возможностью

We took advantage of the low prices and bought a computer and a monitor.

take after — be like one of the parents

быть похожим на родителей (родителя)

Tom takes after his father in character, and after his mother in appearance.

take a stand on something — make a firm opinion/decision on smth.

занять четкую позицию, мнение

People need to take a stand on the issue of nuclear weapons.

take care of — look after, protect, see that smth. is done properly

позаботиться о ком-то, чем-то, присмотреть за

Can you take care of my dog while I’m away? Tom takes good care of his car.

take hold of something — take, hold

взять, держать

Take hold of this rope and pull.

take into account — consider smth.

принять во внимание

You must take into account her old age.

take it easy — relax, be calm

не волнуйся

Take it easy, everything will be OK.

take (it) for granted — accept as given

принимать как должное

Mother’s love is always taken for granted by children.

take one’s breath away

захватить дух

That great view took my breath away.

take one’s time — do slowly

делать не торопясь

Don’t hurry. Take your time.

take one’s word for it — believe

поверить на слово

Take my word for it, he won’t go there.

take pains — try hard to do it well

прилагать усилия

He took pains to make his report perfect.

take part in smth. — participate in

принять участие

Mary is going to take part in the show.

take place — happen

иметь место, случиться

The accident took place on Oak Street.

take someone’s mind off things — distract from fixed ideas/thoughts

отвлечь от навязчивых мыслей

Go to a concert or a movie to take your mind off things.

take steps — take action /measures

принимать меры

We need to take steps against it.

What’s the matter? — What is it?

В чем дело?

What’s the matter? What happened?

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