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Самые полезные английские фразы 251 - 300

Список наиболее необходимых английских выражений. Расположены по алфавиту.


I’ll make up for the time you spent on it.

принять решение

When will you go? Make up your mind.

будьте как дома

Come in please. Make yourself at home.

хозяин своего слова, держит слово

You can depend on his promise to help. He’s a man of his word.

хотеть сделать, как лучше

He meant well, but it turned out that he spoiled a couple of things for me.

может быть неплохо

I might as well telephone him now.

пропавший человек (в розыске)

The little boy disappeared. The police registered him as a missing person.

идти на компромисс с кем-то

He’s reasonable and tries to meet his coworkers halfway, when possible.

неважно, ничего

Thank you. — Never mind.

не говоря уж

We have three dogs, not to mention two cats.

неудивительно, что

He ate three big fish. No wonder he’s sick.

время от времени

I meet them now and again at the bank.

мелочи, остатки, обрезки

I needed to buy some odds and ends for the kitchen.

без подготовки

Off the cuff, I can give you only a rough estimate.

не относится к делу

What I think about him is off the point.

не для публики, неофициально

Strictly off the record, I think the director is going to get married soon.

однажды и навсегда

You must quit smoking once and for all.

в кредит

He bought a car on credit.

нервный, раздраженный

He’s been on edge ever since she left.

настороже, бдительный

He’s cautious and always on guard.

под рукой

Do you have a calculator on hand?

самостоятельно, один, сам по себе

She likes to live and work on her own.

бдительный, собранный

He was on his toes and produced a very good impression on them.

нарочно, с целью

I didn’t do it on purpose, it just happened so.

по зрелом размышлении

I’d like to sit on the aisle. On second thought, I’d like a window seat.

начеку, настороже

He’s cautious and always on the alert.

вызвать на ковер

Yesterday the boss called her on the carpet for being rude to the coworkers.

в движении, на ходу

He is always on the go.

маловероятно, но на всякий случай

On the off chance that you don’t find him at work, here’s his home address.

с другой стороны

I’d like to have a dog. On the other hand, my wife likes cats better.

на месте, сразу

I decided to do it on the spot.

под влиянием момента

He bought this car on the spur of the moment, now he regrets it.

в назначенное время

Jim is always on time.


If you think so, you’re out of your mind.

не по пути

I can’t give you a lift to the bank, it’s out of my way today.

не может быть и речи

Paying him is out of the question!

тот, кто не выбрасывает старые ненужные вещи

Why does she keep all those things she never uses? — She is a pack rat.

обратить внимание

Pay attention to his words.

начать ссору

He often tries to pick a fight with me.

подобрать, взять

I’ll pick you up at 7.

сыграть правильно

If you play your cards right, he’ll agree to your plan.

ужин вскладчину, никто не знает, что принесут другие

You know what happened at our last potluck supper? Everybody brought macaroni and cheese, apples, and beer!

cобраться с силами

Stop crying and complaining! You have to pull yourself together now.

обмануть, ввести в заблуждение

Are you trying to pull the wool over my eyes? It won’t do you any good.

охладить пыл

She always puts a damper on my plans.

замолвить словечко

I’d be very grateful if you could put in a word for me when you speak to him.


Don’t put it off till tomorrow. .

решительно воспротивиться

Her father put his foot down when she said she wanted to marry Alan.

сделать/сказать глупость

He put his foot in it when he told the boss his daughter wasn’t pretty.

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