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Распространенные Женские имена на английском языке

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Имя Описание Озвучка
Abbott Old English name for the head of a religious community
Abe Pet form of the name Abraham
Addison Old English name means son of Adam
Adrian From the Latin Name Hadrianus
Aiken Old English boy’s name meaning made of oak
Ainsley Likely from the place names Annesley or Ansley
Al Pet name from name starting with the letter Al
Alan Of Celtic origins
Alaric Derived from the words meaning All and Ruler
Alban An old British name. It means Scotland in Welsh.
Albert Derived from the words meaning Noble and Bright
Albion Same origins as Alban
Aldrich Old and wise leader
Alec Short name for Alexander
Alex Short name for Alexander
Alexander From the name Alexandros
Alexis From the name Alexius
Alf Pet form of the English name Alfred
Alfie Pet form of the English name Alfred
Alfred It means supernaturally and wise
Alger It is derived from words meaning supernaturally and spear
Algernon From word grenon meaning mustache
Alick Different spelling of Alec
Allan Variant of Alan
Allen Variant of Alan
Alton From a town in England
Alvin Derived from the words meaning Supernatural + Friend
Ambrose From the Latin name Ambrosius- means immortal
Andrew English form of Andreas
Andy Pet form of Andrew
Anthony From the Roman family name Antonius
Archer From the man whose job was a Bowman
Armstrong Possibly originated from a person with Strong Arms
Arnold From the words meaning Eagle and Ruler
Ashley Name comes from the tree Ash
Aston From the place names (meaning East settlement)
Atwater From the words meaning Water Side
Aubrey English name meaning Supernatural Power
Austin From the Latin name Augustinus
Avery Closely associated to Alfred
Bailey Associated with the job of the bailiff
Baldwin Means brave friend
Barclay From the English place Berkeley
Barrett From the name Baret
Barnaby A biblical name from the name Barnabas
Bartholomew With biblical origins
Barton From English places meaning barley settlements
Basil Meaning Royal
Baxter From the name Baker
Baz Pet form of Barry
Benedict Means Blessed
Benjamin Biblical origin
Bennett From the name Benedict
Benson Originates from the name Ben
Bentley Means grass clearing
Berkley From the boy’s name Barclay
Bernard Means strong/brave bear
Bert Pet name for Albert
Bill Pet name of William
Blake A person with hair or skin either Fair or Dark
Bob Pet for of Robert
Bobby Pet for of Robert
Bond Means farmer
Brad Short for the name Brafley or Bradford
Bradley from the Broad Clearing
Brent From the Steep Hill in Dorset and Summerset
Bret A person who comes from Brittany
Brewster From the occupation Brewer
Brian Means high and noble
Brigham Means Bridge Settler
Brooke After a small stream
Bruce From the Scottish surname
Bruno Means dark/brown complexion
Bryant Comes from the English boy’s name Brian
Buck Means male strong deer
Bud From the term buddy
Burgess Citizen of a town called Burgeis
Burton After place names in England with a Fortress
Byron Means cattle shed / or person who lives there
Cade Means something round and lumpish
Caesar Analgised from the Italian name Cesare
Caldwell Means cold Well
Calvert Means shepherd or cowboy
Calvin From the French surname
Carl From the German boy’s name Karl
Carlton Places with the same origin of Charlton
Carter Name comes from a person who drives a cart
Carver Name comes from a person with a trade as a wood carver
Cary From a river in Devon or Summerset
Casey From the brave hero Casey Jones who’s name originates from his birthplace Cayce
Cassian From the Latin name Cassius
Cecil From a Welsh Celtic name Seissylt
Cedric From the name Cerdic
Chad From old English boys name Ceadda who was a saint
Chandler Originates from a person who made candles
Chapman Middle ages name that means Merchant
Charles Means ‘free man’ originates from the names Cearl or Ceorl
Charlie Pet form of Charles
Charlton Made popular by Charlton Heston. Old English name Ceorlatun
Chase Originates from a huntsman
Chester From people who came from the English place Chester
Chris Pet form of the name Christopher
Christian From the name Chrisianus which means a Christian
Christopher From the Greek name Khristophoros and means ‘Christ Bearer’
Chuck Mainly US based term of endearment
Clarence Linked to famous royal princes
Claude From the Latin name Claudius meaning ‘Lame’
Clay Pet name of Clayton
Clayton From people who lived in the clay settlement
Clement From the Latin name Clemens
Cliff Short form of Clifford
Clifford Originates form the words Cliff and ford
Clifton Related to the words cliff, slop and riverbank
Clive Found in various English locations – meaning clif or slope
Clyde From the Scottish river
Cole Old English male name Cola – meaning black
Coleman From a man who burns cole
Colin Short form of Nicholas
Conrad Means bold in counsel
Constant Means steadfast
Conway Celtic name and it means holy river
Corwin This name means from beyond a hill
Courtney Originates from places in Northen France
Craig Means rocky from the Gaelic word creag
Crispin Means curly headed
Crosby This English boy’s names means dweller by town cross
Curtis This name means courteous
Cuthbert Middle English boy’s name meaning famous and bright
Cyril Lord like from Greek name Kyrillos
Dale Someone who lived in a valley
Daley This name means gathering (from the Gaelic word dalaigh)
Dalton A person from a valley town
Damian From the Greek name Damianos
Damon Means to tame
Dane Means Dean originated South East England
Daniel Means God is my Judge in Hebrew
Danny A pet form of Daniel
Darcy From the surname d’Arcy
Darell From the surname d’Airelle
Darren Origin unknown
Davy Pet form of David
Dean Someone who lived in a valley
Del Pet form of Derek
Den An English name short for Dennis
Dennis From Greek name Dionysios
Dene An alternative spelling for Dean
Denton Meaning valley settlement
Denzil After the place Denzell in Cornwall
Derek Related to the German name Theodoric
Derick Another spelling of the name Derek
Des Short for Desmond
Desmond A local name from someone from Munster
Dexter From the occupation dyer
Digby Name originating from Lincolnshire meaning ditch settlement
Dominic From the Latin name that means Lord
Don Pet form of Dominic
Donald From Galic name Domhnall
Doran Meaning excile wanderer
Dorian Created by Oscar Wild
Doug English name short for Dougless
Douglas Meaning black river
Doyle English variant of Dougal
Drogo Possibly means ghostly/phantom
Drake Old English name that means Dragon
Dudley From the place name in Birmingham
Duncan From the Gaelic name Donnchadh
Dunstan Old English name meaning dark stone
Dustin Origin unknown
Duggie English name short for Dougless
Dwayne Originates from the name Duane
Dwight Comes from the name Diot and related to Dennis
Earl From a Nobleman
Ebenezer Means rock or stone of help
Ed Pet form of Edward
Eddie Pet form of Edward
Eden From the name Edun
Edgar Names composed of the words that mean fortunate/rich and spear
Edric The name means rich and powerful
Edmond Old English name meaning prosperous protector
Edwin Mean prosperous friend
Egbert Means bright of edge of a sword
Elbert English name a variant of the name Albert meaning noble and bright
Eldon After the place name in Durham
Ellis From the name Elias
Elmer Old English name meaning Old and Noble
Elliot Version of Elias
Elton Local name from places in England
Ellery Old English name meaning alder tree
Elmer Means noble and famous
Elton Local name from places in England
Elvis Made famous by Elvis Presley
Emerson Old English boy’s name that means the son of Emery
Emmett From the female name Emmet
Erasmus Means to love
Eric Means always a ruler
Ernest From eorost (battle to death)
Errol From a placename
Esmond From the words protective and grace
Eugene From Eugenios
Everett Variant of the name Everard
Fabian English name from the Latin name Fabricius
Fenton Is a place name in the North of England and it means marsh lands
Ferdinand From the name Ferdinando
Ferris Name of a person with a job as an ironworker
Fletcher Originates from the maker of arrows
Floyd A variant from the name Lloyd
Ford A person who lived by a river
Forrest A person who lived by a forest
Francis English name for Francesco
Franklin Means freeman- not of noble birth
Fred Pet form of Frederick or Alfred
Freddie Pet name for Fred
Frank Short form of Francis
Frederick Name mean peaceful powerful ruler
Freeman A Freeman
Garfield Means triangular field
Garrison From the place in Yorkshire
Gary From Gar meaning spear
Gardner This name comes from someone who works in a garden
Garret Originate from the ane Gerard
Garrick Means spear king or to govern with a spear
Garth From the name Gareth
Gavin Origins unknown
Gaylord From the name Gaillard
Gene Pet form of Eugene
George From the Latin name Georgius
Ged Pet form of Gerard
Geoffrey A name of Germanic origin
Gerard Mean brave strong spear
Gerald Means spear ruler
Georgie Pet form of George
Gerry Pet form of Jerry
Gilbert From the words pledge famous and bright
Giles From the name Aegidium
Ginger Someone with red hair
Glen Means a valley, Gaelic origin
Goddard From old English name Godeheard
Godfrey Means god’s peace
Godwin From the names god and friends
Goodwin Means good friend
Graham From the place Lincolnshire
Grant Means large
Granville From places in Normandy
Greg Short form of Gregory
Grayson Son of a man with grey hair
Gregory Means watchful
Greville From the Norman surname Greville
Gresham Means a village with grazing land
Grover Dweller in the grove of trees
Gyles Varient of Giles
Guy Norman origin
Hadden English boys name meaning a hill with heather
Hadley Old English origin meaning heath moorland
Hadwin English origin, meaning friend in war
Halbert English boy’s name meaning bright stone
Hale Hale is a place name than means a ‘hero for a hall’
Halsey Place name, island of Hal
Hannibal Hannibal form of the name Annible
Hanley Place name meaning a person from the high meadow
Happy This name means happy and merry
Harding Means strong, brave from the name Hearding.
Harlan A place name in England. That means ‘land of the hares’
Harley Army Meadow
Harry English pet for of Hendry
Harper Someone who played a harp
Harold From the names army and ruler
Harrison Son of Harry
Hartley Place names in England
Harvey English name of Breton origin meaning battle worthy
Heath From Heath or Moorland
Hector From the Greek name ekhein means to restrain.
Hedley From places in Durham. Means wood clearing
Henry English boy’s name meaning home ruler.
Herb Short for Herbert.
Herbert Means famous army.
Herman Herman is derived from the name Hermann.
Hilary From the word hilarious.
Homer From the Greek name Homeros.
Hopkin Hopkin from the name Robert.
Horace From the name Horatio.
Horati A variant of Horace.
Howard Used as a surname as well first name.
Howell Howell from Welsh name Hywel.
Hubert Means famous heart or spirit.
Hugh From hug meaning heart or spirit.
Hughie Hughie familiar form of Hugh.
Humbert This name means famous warrior.
Humphrey Means peaceful warrior.
Hunter Someone who hunts
Ike A form of Isaac.
Ingram Ingram from medieval name Engelram.
Irving Local place name in near Dumfries.
Isaiah Biblical name meaning god is salvation.
Ivor This male name means bowed warrior.
Jack The English name is a pet form of John.
Jackie Pet form of Jack.
Jackson Jackson means the son of Jack.
Jacob Biblical name from the Hebrew name Yaakov.
Jake English name derived from Jack.
Jamie A pet name for James
James Biblical name from the Latin name Iacomus.
Jarvis English name from the Norman name Gervaise.
Jason From Greek mythology Iason.
Jasper A bearer of treasure (as in the 3 wise men)
Jed Short for Jedidiah.
Jeff Pet form of Jeffrey.
Jeffrey English name from Geoffrey
Jefferson Son of Jeffrey.
Jenson Means son of Jens.
Jeremy English version of Jeremiah.
Jermaine Male name from Germaine.
Jerome means holy name.
Jerrard Jerrard from the name Gerard.
Jerrold Jerrold from Gerald.
Jerry Pet form of Jeremy.
Jesse Meaning gift.
Jethro Derived from Hebrew name Ithra.
Jim Pet form of the English boy’s name James.
Jimmy Jimmy from Jim.
Joe Short for Joseph.
Jody Jody can be a male name but it’s more commonly female name.
Joey Pet form of Joe.
John Anglicised version of Ioannes.
Johnathan Variant of Jonathan.
Johnny Pet form of John.
Jordan Jordan from the river Jordan.
Joseph From Yosef meaning God will make you fertile.
Josh Pet form of Joshua.
Judd Judd pet form of Jordan.
Jude Jude from the name Judas.
Julian English version of yhe name Julius.
Justin English version of the name Justus.
Keith English name from the place in East Lothian.
Kelly Kelly is an English boy’s name for Ceallagh.
Kelsey Means ship’ s victory.
Kelvin From the river that branches into the Clyde.
Kemp Means athlete or wrestler.
Ken Pet form of Kenneth.
Kendrick Origin unknown.
Kenelm Means bold helmet protector.
Kennard Kennard from the middle ages- could mean royal guard.
Kenneth From the Gaelic names Cinaed and Cainnech.
Kent Someone from Kent in England.
Kenton Kenton local places in England.
Kermit Means son of Dermot.
Kerr Someone who dwells by brushwood
Kerry From the Irish county of Kerry.
Kevin From Gaelic name Caimhin.
King From the name of the monarch.
Kingsley From places in Hampshire and Staffordshire. Means old wood.
Kit Pet name of Christopher.
Kyran English spelling of Kieran.
Lacey People from Lassy in France.
Lambert Lambert means famous land.
Lance Lance from the weapon a lance.
Lancelot Celtic origin.
Larry Pet form of Lawrence.
Laurel Meaning a tree.
Laurence A person from Laurentius.
Lawrence Anglicised form of Laurance.
Lee Means wood or clearing.
Leighton Means leek settlement.
Leland Someone from a fallow land.
Len Len is short for Leonard.
Lennard English spelling of Leonard.
Lenny Variation of Leonard.
Leo Leo means a lion.
Leon A form of Leo.
Leonard Meaning lion.
Leopold Meaning brave people.
Leroy Means the king.
Les Short for Lesley
Lesley Lesley name variant of Leslie
Lester name is from the English city Leicester.
Lewie name is from the English city Leicester.
Lex Pet name for Alex.
Lincoln From the English city Lincoln.
Linden Means thr lime tree.
Lindon Variation of Lindon.
Linsay Linsay wetlands belonging to Lincon.
Linford A mix of the words lime tree and ford.
Linton Place names in England.
Lionel From the name Leon.
Lonnie Origin unknown.
Lorne Origin unknown.
Louie A variant of Louis.
Lovell Means club wolf.
Lucas A form of Luke.
Ludo Pet form of Ludovic.
Luke Luke from name Loukas.
Luther Means people army.
Lyndon A place in Leicestershire.
Lyle Someone who live on an island.
Magnus Mean’s great
Malcolm Means ‘devotee of St Columba’
Mallory Means unhappy or unlucky
Manfred Means peace man
Manley Places in England (Devon and Cheshire)
Marc From the name Marcus (see Mark)
Marian From the name Marion
Mark From the name Marcus
Marlon Made famous by Marlon Brando
Marmaduke Origin unknown.
Marsh Someone who lives by a march
Marshall Means horse worker
Martin From the Roman god of War
Marty Pet form of Martin
Marvin From Mervyn
Mason Someone who works with stone
Matt Pet form of Matthew
Matthew Biblical name meaning ‘gift of God’
Maurice English boys name from the Latin name Mauricius
Max Short form the name Maxwell
Maxwell After the place name on the river Tweed
Maynard Means strong and brave
Mel Short for Melvin
Melville Means bad settlement
Melvin A lake in Ireland
Melvin Origin unknown.
Merlin From the Welsh name Myrddin
Michael Biblical name that means like God
Mick Pet name for Michael
Mike Pet name for Michael
Milburn A place name
Miles Origin unknown.
Milo Form of Miles
Milton Settlement with a mill
Monroe Anglicised version of Munro
Montague Placename Name
Montgomery Places names in Calvdos
Monty Pet name for Montgomery
Morris From Maurice
Mortimer Means dead sea
Morton Place by the the moor
Nathaniel Means the gift of God
Neal Form of Neil
Ned Pet form of Edward
Neil From Gaelic name Niall
Nelson Derived from Neil or Nell
Neville New settlement
Nicholas Means peoples’ victory
Nigel Means black
Noah Biblical name possibly means ‘rest’
Norman Means a man from the North
Norris Means a man from the North
Obadiah Servant of God
Oliver English male name derived from the olive tree
Ollie Pet name for Oliver
Omar Biblical name
Orson Means like the Bear cub
Orville Created by Fanny Burney
Osbert Famous/Bright God
Oscar Means deers’ friend
Osmond Means God’s protector
Oswald God’s rule
Otis Son of Ote
Paddy Pet name for Patrick
Pancras From Greek name Pankratios
Pat Pet name for Patrick
Patrick Patron St. Of Ireland
Paul From Paulus meaning Small
Pearce A form of Pierce
Perce Pet form of Percy
Percival From the French name Perceval
Percy Pet form of Percival
Perry Someone who lived by a pear tree
Peter Popular biblical name from the name Petros
Phil Short form of Philip
Philbert Means most bright
Philip From a person who loves horses
Philo From the name Philon
Pierce From the name Piers
Piers Middle English male name derived from of Peter
Quentin From the Latin name Quintinus
Quincy Made famous by John Quincy Adams (2nd USA president)
Quinn Meaning the wise man
Quintus Meaning 5th
Rafe Short for Ralph
Ralph Means counsel wolf
Randall From Randolf
Randolph Means shield like a wolf
Randy Pet forms of Randall or Randolf
Raphael Means god heals
Ray English name short for Raymond
Raymond This name means wise protector
Reg Pet name for Reginald
Reggie Pet form of Reg
Reginald From the name Reginaldus
Reid Someone with red hair
Remus Brother of the Roma Romulas
Renfred Peacemaker
Rex This name means king
Reynard Means brave decision
Rich Pet form of Richard
Richard Means powerful and brave
Richie Pet form of Richard
Ridley Name from various places in England
Riley Means rye meadow
Robert English name means bright or famous fame
Robin Pet form of Robert
Rocky From the name Rocco
Rod English pet form of the name Rodney and Roderick
Roderick Means prominent ruler, of Germanic origin
Rodney Originates from a place name. Made popular by Admiral Lord Rodney.
Roger English boy’s name meaning famous spear
Roland English name meaning famous land
Rolf Famous wolf
Roly Pet form of Roland
Ronald English/Scottish name from Rognvaldr
Ronnie Short form of the name Ronald
Ross Someone who come from the headland
Rowan Means little red one
Rowley From the name Roly
Roy Nickname of someone with red hair
Royle Means rye hill
Rufus Nickname of someone with red hair
Rupert Version of the name Robert
Russ English name short for Russell
Russell Mean little red person
Rusty Someone with red hair
Ryan Origin unknown
Samson Biblical name from Shimshon
Samuel Biblical name from Shemuel
Sandford Version of Sanford
Sandy Pet name of Alexander
Sanford English place name
Scott Someone from Scotland
Sebastian Man from the place Sebasta
Selwyn Origin unknown
Seymour From placename in Normandy Saint Maur
Shane from Sean
Shaun from Sean
Shawn from Sean
Sheldon From place names in England
Shelley Place names in England
Sidney A man who comes from the land
Sigmund Means victorious protector
Sylvester A person from the woods
Simon English male name from Simeon
Sinclair From Saint-Clair in Normandy
Skipper From the captain of a ship
Spencer Made famous by the actor Spencer Tracy
Spike Some male with Spiky hair
Stacy Orgin unknown
Stan Pet form of the name Stanley
Stanley From the place names in England
Stephan Variant of Stephen
Stephen Derived from the Greek name Stephanos
Sterling High Quality
Stewart A steward
Stuart A steward
Tad Short for Tadhg
Taylor Name from a person with the occupation of a tailor
Ted Pet form of Edward
Teddy Pet form of Ted
Terence From the Latin name Terentius
Terry English boy’s name that means tribe power
Theo Pet name for Theodore
Theobold Means brave people
Theodore Means god’s gift
Theo Pet name for Theodore
Thomas Thomas is a biblical name and popular in England
Timothy Means god’s honour
Toby English form of Tobias
Todd This English name means fox
Tom Pet form of Thomas
Tommy Pet form of Thomas
Tony Short version of Anthony
Travis From someone who collects a tolls
Tristan Form of Tristram
Tristram From Celtic legend
Troy Named after the city Troy
Truman Means a trustful/loyal man
Tyler Occupation of someone who tiled the roofs
Tyrone From the county in Northen Ireland
Ulric Means wolf powert
Urban Means city dweller
Valentine Means healthy and strong
Vere Place names in France
Vergil From the name Virgil
Vernon Place names in France
Victor The English names means conqueror
Vince Short form of Vincent
Vincent Means conquering
Virgil from Latin Vergilius
Waally Pert form of Walter
Wade A person who lives by a ford
Waldo Means ruler
Wallace Means foreigner
Walter Composed of the elements army ruler
Ward Guard
Warren Popular name originating form Normandy
Warwick From the place near Birmingham in England
Watkin Also common as a surname
Wayne A person who made carts
Webster From a person who weaves
Wesley Popular from John Wesley the founder of the methodist church
Wilberforce Name originating from North Yorkshire
Wilbur Desire and fortress
Wilfrid Means desire peace
Will Short form William
Willard Means desire and brave
William Common Germanic name meaning determined Protection
Wilmot Pet form of Will
Windsor From the place name in England
Winston Means joy and stone
Winthrop Winthrop is a place name in England
Winton Mean enclosed pasture
Woody Short form of Woodrow
Zach Short name for Zachary
Zachary From the name Zachariah
Zeph Short for Zephaniah

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