Как начать понимать Английский на слух? Покори английский с Lingualeo

1. Dr. Adams Visits Moscow University

Dr. Sokolov: Dr. Petrova, this is Dr. Adams.
Dr. Petrova: How do you do. Glad to meet you.
S: Dr. Adams is a Columbia University professor in American literature. He arrived in Moscow only yesterday.
P: I hope you have a pleasant stay.
A: Thank you very much.
S: Dr. Adams has finished writing a book on Hemingway this month. By the way, Hemingway is a big favorite of Dr. Petrova too.
A: Then we have a lot in. common. I know Hemingway is popular in this country.
P: Oh., yes. People of all ages read him.
S: I saw. his story “The Old Man and the Sea” in the University bookstore this morning.
P: Would you like to,have a copy? Here’s one.
A: Thank,you very much. It’s a very nice edition.
P: Could you do me a favor,? Dr. Adams?
A: Yes, with pleasure.
P: Could you give a lecture on Hemingway to m y,students?
A: I’d be glad to
P: What: about next Thursday, 10 o’clock?
A: I’m sorry, I have another appointment.
P: What about Monday,, nine o'clock?
A: That suits me fine.

2. Going Out


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