Тест английского языка на знание темы глагола to have

Правильных ответов из 10. Результат:


    Выберите правильную форму глагола to have

  • 1. I like people who a sense of humour.
      have had has
  • 2. He doesn’t usually a big breakfast.
      has have have got
  • 3. I a cold shower every morning irrespective of the season.
      have got have had
  • 4. We a great party last Saturday; it was really great — we invited lots of people
      had had got will have
  • 5. I the courage to admit I was wrong.
      didn’t have hadn’t won’t have
  • 6. It’s a nice house but it a garden.
      doesn’t have haven’t got didn’t have
  • 7. I a good holiday at the seaside with my friends. And you?
      have got have had
  • 8. What presents …… for your last birthday?
      had you got did you have will you have
  • 9. I would rent a larger flat, but I much money.
      have no had no don’t have
  • 10. What time the last phone call from your uncle?
      did you have do you have have you got
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