Тест английского языка на знание темы глагола to be

Правильных ответов из 10. Результат:


    Выберите правильную форму глагола to be

  • 1. I born in France and now I’m twenty-one.
      have been was am
  • 2. Where Tom and Betsy? I can’t fi nd them anywhere.
      is were are
  • 3. Will you there at 1 p.m.? Th en we’ll meet and settle the problem.
      are be have been
  • 4. When we children time seemed slow.
      were was are
  • 5. No news good news.
      were is are
  • 6. Mathematics not included on the list of obligatory subjects at the last examinations.
      was were is
  • 7. The robber couldn’t escape because the police in time.
      was will be were
  • 8. Billiards the most popular game with businessmen
      is are were
  • 9. Not all people who speak Spanish Spaniards.
      were are is
  • 10. Who President of the USA ten years ago?
      is was have been
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