Указательное местоимение that (those) как заменитель существительного - The Demonstrative Pronoun that (those) as Substitute for a Noun

Указательное местоимение that (those) может также использоваться как слово-заместитель. В отличие от местоимения one оно может замещать как исчисляемое, так и неисчисляемое существительное. That (those) как заместитель существительного всегда используется с определяющими словами в постпозиции и синонимично местоименному заменителю the one (the ones):
His manners were those (the ones) of an uneducated man. The work differed from that (the one) we were accustomed to doing previously.

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    Выберите правильное местоимение, заменяющее повторяющееся существительное.

  • 1. Which umbrella is yours? — that is on the left.
      One The one A one
  • 2. I don’t like the brown skirt but I like .
      a green one a green one the green one
  • 3. The text about UFOs is more interesting than about comets and meteorites.
      that a one that one
  • 4. Which hotel did you stay at when you were in London? — in the centre of the city.
      A one That The one
  • 5. I’m taking these biscuits for our lunch, but you can have some of .
      those that one those ones
  • 6. The voice was of an elderly man.
      ones one that
  • 7. There were a number of problems to be dealt with, and very complicated .
      one ones those
  • 8. It’s a good book, but his last was better.
      one ones that
  • 9. Mr. Anderson’s experiences with his son are that are shared by many other parents.
      that one a one ones
  • 10. I’m only using this bicycle until I can buy .
      a better one the better one that better one
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