Настоящее совершённое время The Present Perfect Tense

Настоящее совершённое время обозначает действие, которое совершилось до настоящего периода (вот почему оно называется perfect, то есть совершённое), но результат его виден в настоящем (вот почему оно present). Это наиболее частотный случай употребления настоящего совершённого времени. О другом виде этого грамматического времени, когда действие не завершается до настоящего периода, а продолжается в нём, речь пойдёт ниже. Форма сказуемого в настоящем совершённом времени включает вспомогательный глагол to have в сочетании с основным глаголом в 3-й форме (participle II): I (you, we, they) have done something или He (she, it) has done something.

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    Выберите правильную форму глагола

  • 1. She in this fl at since she was a little girl.
      is living has lived lived
  • 2. The climate on our planet greatly for the last few decades.
      has changed changed is changed
  • 3. Once when I returned from holidays, I found that our flat a mess — it had been burgled.
      had been was is
  • 4. We did not know what to do when the computer .
      has broken down was broken down broke down
  • 5. We up the police because the neighbours were playing the music too loud.
      have rung were ringing rang
  • 6. Although he looks familiar to me, I him before.
      have never seen never saw never see
  • 7. A lot of people are unemployed now. They their job due to the economic crisis in the country.
      lost have lost had lost
  • 8. Th is is the first time in my life I this wonderful fruit.
      am eating ate have eaten
  • 9. What a wonderful morning! The rain , the sky is blue and cloudless, the sun is shining brightly. Let us go to the country for a picnic!
      stopped has stopped stops
  • 10. Come in and have a coffee with me. — Oh, thank you, I my usual black coffee.
      had already have already had was having
  • text
      11111 22222 33333
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