Прошедшее простое (неопределённое) время The Past Simple (Indefinite) Tense

Прошедшее простое время (the past simple (indefinite) tense) обозначает законченное действие в прошлом. Структурно оно соответствует второй форме глагола. Правильные глаголы образуют простое прошедшее время при помощи суффикса -ed, который произносится по-разному.

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    Выберите правильную форму глагола

  • 1. As we enough money we rented a one-roomed flat.
      didn’t have had no hadn’t any
  • 2. The children usually wake up at seven o’clock, but this morning they rather late.
      wakes up woke up didn’t wake up
  • 3. I a driving licence when I was 18.
      get had got got
  • 4. you interested in psychology when you went to school?
      Were Was Did
  • 5. When we were students we a lot, but now this doesn’t happen so oft en.
      didn’t use to travel used to travel had travelled
  • 6. Denis all his entrance examination successfully and was admitted to the University.
      passed didn’t pass has passed
  • 7. Though the football team played with enthusiasm, they the game.
      won didn’t win don’t win
  • 8. It us more than two days to get to the place of destination, and we were extremely tired of the journey.
      didn’t take was taking took
  • 9. A very nice blouse! How much ?
      did it cost has it cost had it cost
  • 10. Th is time last summer we in Spain.
      was have been were
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