Модальный глагол must - The Modal Verb must

Модальный глагол must используется в ситуациях, когда:
1) выражается уверенность в чём-то:
Carol knows a lot about the history of cities and towns. She must travel a lot. Кэрол много знает об истории больших и малых городов. Она, должно быть, много путешествует.
В этом значении must может сочетаться с инфинитивом в форме continuous:

Don’t bother him, he must be sleeping. Не беспокой его, он, должно быть, спит.
2) подчёркивается необходимость или важность в совершении какого-либо действия:

The book is very interesting. Everybody must read it. Книга очень интересная. Все должны её прочитать.

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    Выберите подходящий модальный глагол.

  • 1. I resist everything except temptation.
      must can have to
  • 2. All countries join their efforts to protect environment. By this they could prevent endangered species from disappearing.
      may ought must
  • 3. She play the violin when she was seven.
      was able to could cannot
  • 4. The suspect admit his fault as the evidence was irrefutable.
      had to could must
  • 5. I’ll visit them by all means, but I … leave early to collect the children from school.
      must will have to have to
  • 6. He come if he doesn’t want to.
      has to doesn’t have to mustn’t
  • 7. I’d love to to sing like you.
      be able can have
  • 8. Why didn’t you tell her about my invitation? — I wanted to, but I find her phone number.
      wasn’t be able to didn’t have to couldn’t
  • 9. You … use the office phone for private calls.
      mustn’t must aren’t able to
  • 10. Dealing with clients’ complaints is not my duty, but from time to time I do this.
      must am able to have to
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