Home Test (Дом)

Тест английского языка на знание темы Дом

Правильных ответов из 25. Результат:


    1. Choose an appropriate option.

  • 1. It’s important to get your settled immediately when you arrive in a new town.
      studio accommodation landlord
  • 2. are generally more expensive than studios to rent.
      Apartments Rooms Accommodation
  • 3. If you work , it’s best to get a place that’s not too far away.
      at home downtown outdoors
  • 4. Make sure you can an apartment before you sign the lease.
      permit allow afford
  • 5. If you are looking for nightlife, don’t live in the .
      downtown suburbs studio
  • 6. Make sure to get to know your in the city as quickly as possible.
      neighbourhood local region
  • 7. If you can’t find a place on your own, you’ll have to go to a agent.
      home real estate showing
  • 8. I’d never live in a . It’s much too damp and the lighting is awful.
      roof basement quarter
  • 9. I need to get rid of some things because my apartment is much too .
      crowded cluttered spacious
  • 10. Make sure you understand everything before you sign a .
      receipt check lease
  • 11. He’s living in a beautiful just a few blocks from downtown.
      area suburb accommodations
  • 12. Many children who grow up in the are disadvantaged.
      suburbs slums quarters
  • 13. The billionaire’s was impresive!
      shack mansion studio
  • 14. He owns some in Estonia.
      grounds earth property
  • 15. This area is . You’d better get back home before 10 pm.
      tough rough dough
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