Elementary Progress Test 1 (Тест базового уровня)

Если вы правильно ответили на большинство вопросов того или иного уровня, это значит, что вы готовы решать задания в тестах данного уровня (и, соответственно, учиться на этом уровне), если нет — необходимо спуститься на ступеньку ниже. Иначе говоря, подзаголовки в этом тесте определяют тот уровень, с которого вы готовы начать или продолжить изучение языка, но не объем ваших знаний по этому уровню.

Правильных ответов . Результат:


    1. Choose the most suitable answer.

  • 1. — What’s my job? —
      You is student. You’re student. You’re an engineer. You are engineer. Yes.
  • 2. — Where are you now? —
      Fine, thanks! A student. I’m in a classroom. I’m Sao Paulo. I’m Andrew.
  • 3. — How are you? —
      23 years. In a school. A fine. I’m fine. Not now.
  • 4. — Are you from Japan? —
      Yes, I’m. No, I am not. Thank you! No, I are not. No, I’re not.
  • 5. — Is John single? —
      Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. No, John is away. No, John is with a friend. Yes, he is.
  • 6. I have got one brother and three
      parents girls sisters women woman
  • 7. I have cats and you have dogs. These are my cats and those are dogs.
      a your you’re yours yore
  • 8. 10 + 4 is .
      four fourteen forty fifteen forteen
  • 9. — Have you got children ? — Yes, we’ve got two.
      any one lots the a
  • 10. — What’s she like ? —
      She likes chocolate. She’s pretty. Yes, she likes. No. She’s like!
  • 11. — What colour are Sue’s eyes ? ——
      Red. Yellow. Brown. Orange. Pink.
  • 12. Today is Monday! Mondays.
      I like not I not like I doesn’t like I am not like I don’t like
  • 13. — Do they live in Sao Paulo ? — Mondays.
      Yes they live. Yes, they do. No, they live not. No, they do live. Yes, they are.
  • 14. — What time is it ? — It’s 1:20. So, it’s .
      one and twenty twenty to one one to twenty one past twenty twenty past one
  • 15. are in his pocket.
      John’s keys John key John’s key’s John’s key Johns keys
  • 16. she go to work by bus?
      Does Is Do Has Have
  • 17. I don’t like on Sundays.
      study studing to have study studying to do study
  • 18. — Is there a garden in that house? –
      No, there is. No, there are. No, there aren’t. Yes, there is. Yes, there are.
  • — Are there any biscuits ? — No, .
      there aren’t some there aren’t any there isn’t there is any there are any
  • Today is 22 Aug. 1999. So it is of August, 1999.
      the twenty-two twenty-twoth the twenty second the 22 th the 22
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