Education (Образование)

Тест английского языка на знание образования

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    Заполните пропуски, используя соответствующие слова

  • 1. He didn't get a good grade the first time he did his IELTS exam, so decided to it
      resit remake repair
  • 2. People who attend university later in life are often called students.
      aged mature old
  • 3. Although she had left school and was working, she w ent to evening classes at the local College of Education.
      Upper Further Higher
  • 4. After he left school, he decided to go on to education and applied for a place at Edinburgh University.
      further upper higher
  • 5. He received a local government to help him pay for his course.
      fee fare grant
  • 6. Education helps us to acquire knowledge and learn new
      skills powers abilities
  • 7. Although she already had a first degree from university, she decided that she w anted to work towards a degree later in life.
      further senior higher
  • 8. We should make the best of every to learn
      chance opportunity availability
  • 9. Nowadays, education is promoted a lot in schools.
      body health vitality
  • 10. A large number of parents are dissatisfied with the education system, and put their children into private schools instead.
      government national state
  • 11. Because so many students find exams stressful, some colleges offer a system of assessment instead.
      continual continuous continuing
  • 12. He has read a lot of books and a lot of knowledge.
      acquired won achieved
  • 13. University students have a who they meet on a regular basis to discuss their work.
      teacher tutor lecturer
  • 14. There were more than 50 students at Professor Bryant's on city planning.
      lecture seminar tutorial
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