Contrast & comparison (контраст и сравнение)

Тест английского языка на знание различий

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    1. Complete these sentences with the most appropriate word or phrase

  • 1. The two machines considerably. O ne has an electric motor, the other runs on oil
      differentiate differential differ
  • 2. The in weather between the north and the south of the country is very noticeable.
      comparison contrast compare
  • 3. Many people cannot between lemon juice and lime juice.
      differ differentiate contrast
  • 4. Children must be taught to between right and wrong.
      differ contrast distinguish
  • 5. There is a between being interested in politics and joining a political party
      distinguish distinctive distinction
  • 6. Can you tell the between a good boss and a bad one?
      difference differentiate contrast
  • 7. The management must not between male and female applicants.
      differ contrast discriminate
  • 8. Asia covers a huge area , Europe is very small.
      By way of contrast By ways of comparing By similar means
  • 9. The new model of car is very to the old one.
      same similar common
  • 10. Her political opinions are to mine.
      same exactly identical
  • 11. Some political parties have such similar manifestoes that they are difficult to .
      tell apart say apart speak apart
  • 12. My friends and I enjoy doing many of the same things. In that respect, we have a lot .
      in similar in particular in common
  • 13. There seems to be a large between the number of people employed in service industries, and those em ployed in the prim ary sector.
      discriminate discretion discrepancy
  • 14. The nation's economy is largely based on its industry, a few hundred years ago it was an agrarian country.
      while whereas whereby
  • 15. British and Australian people share the same language, but in other respects they are as different as .
      cats and dogs chalk and cheese salt and pepper
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