Children & the family (Семья и дети)

Тест английского языка на знание семьи

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    1. Завершите эти предложения подходящим словом или фразой.

  • 1. Mr and Mrs Smith live at home with their two children. They are a typical example of a modern family
      extended nuclear compact
  • 2. Mr and Mrs Popatlal live at home with their aged parents, children and grandchildren. The y are a typical example of a traditional family.
      nuclear enlarged extended
  • 3. Mrs Jones lives on her own and has to look after her two children. There are a lot of families like hers.
      single-parent mother-only mono-parent
  • 4. Some parents need to their children more strictly
      bring down bring about bring up
  • 5. When I was a child, I had a very turbulent
      upbringing upraising uplifting
  • 6. Mrs Kelly is and finds it difficult to look after her children on her own.
      divorced divided diverged
  • 7. Many men believe that is the responsibility of a woman.
      childhelp childcare childaid
  • 8 is a particularly difficult tim e of life for a child.
      Convalescence Adolescence Convergence
  • 9. A person's behaviour can sometimes be traced back to his/her
      creative years formulating years formative years
  • 10. The country has seen a sharp drop in the in the last few years.
      birth rate baby rate born rate
  • 11. She has five who rely on her to look after them.
      dependants dependers dependents
  • 12 crime is on the rise, with over 30 per cent of thefts being committed by young people under the age of eighteen.
      Junior Juvenile Children
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