Beginners’ Progress Test 4 (Тест для начинающих)

Если вы правильно ответили на большинство вопросов того или иного уровня, это значит, что вы готовы решать задания в тестах данного уровня (и, соответственно, учиться на этом уровне), если нет — необходимо спуститься на ступеньку ниже. Иначе говоря, подзаголовки в этом тесте определяют тот уровень, с которого вы готовы начать или продолжить изучение языка, но не объем ваших знаний по этому уровню.

Правильных ответов . Из 60-ти. Результат:

  • 1. That girl a student.
      are be is she
  • 2. This man from America.
      come be is he
  • 3. I from Mexico.
      come comes is are
  • 4. The boy and the girl students at this school.
      are be is our
  • 5. Are you hungry? — No, not.
      I’m am we I
  • 6. Are they at school? — No, not.
      we’re there they they are
  • 7. Is she from France? — No, _ not. She’s from Italy.
      he’s she she’s it’s
  • 8. Are you teachers? — No, we _ . We are students.
      don’t aren’t isn’t are
  • 9. Is she old? — No, she _ . She is young.
      isn’t doesn’t not aren’t
  • 10. Are they Chinese? — No, they . They are Japanese.
      isn’t not don’t aren’t
  • 11. The sun __ in the east.
      rising rises is rise rise
  • 12. When you usually get up at the weekend?
      are do did -
  • 13. People in France French.
      are speaking did speak speak speaks
  • 14. When __ you get up yesterday?
      do are did have
  • 15. He never ____ TV in the morning.
      watching watch watches watched
  • 16. Where do you live? — I _____ in Paris.
      lives living am live live
  • 17. The children _____ in the bedroom now.
      sleeps are sleeping slept sleeping
  • 18. Where are you going next week? — I _____ to the mountains.
      go am going going are going
  • 19. We breakfast now.
      ate eat are eating eating
  • 20. What are your plans for next weekend? — I my parents.
      am visiting visited visit visiting
  • 21. Who _____ to on the telephone? — To my sister.
      you are talking you talking are you talking do you talk
  • 22. Where did you go yesterday? — I _____ to the library.
      did go did went goed went
  • 23. Why did you go shopping? — Because I _____ some food.
      need needs needed am needing
  • 24. Please, _ quiet.
      be not to be to be
  • 25. _ smoke in bed.
      Not do Be not No Don’t
  • 26. _ the window. It is cold.
      Close please Please, close Don’t close Please, don’t
  • 27. That man and that woman are American. _____ are from New York.
      There Those We They
  • 28. My name is John. am a student.
      John You And I
  • 29. My friend and I are in the restaurant. _ are hungry.
      They We Because Us
  • 30. My father is at home. is in the kitchen.
      She He It They
  • 31. How do you do? name is Frank.
      My Our His Me
  • 32. These are Jackie and Soo Lee. _ hometown is Hong Kong.
      She There Their Our
  • 33. Hello. I’m George. What is name?
      you’re you my your
  • 34. girls over there are English.
      This That These Those
  • 35. _book is by Hemingway.
      This That These Those
  • 36. Can I have water, please?
      a lot any some many
  • 37. I’m hungry! Is there __ fruit in the cupboard?
      a lot any some many
  • 38. There is _ beautiful park near my house.
      a the any some
  • 39. At the weekend I go to the seaside .
      a lot of much very often many
  • 40. _ is the umbrella? — It’s on the floor.
      What Where That This
  • 41. _ is that? — It’s a computer.
      Where Who It What
  • 42. _ time is breakfast? — It’s at 9 o’clock.
      When That What Whose
  • 43. is our teacher? — It’s Susan Kan.
      Whose What Where Who
  • 44. _ are you going to the library? — To study for my exams.
      Where What How often Why
  • 45. There are a lot of outside.
      child childs children childrens
  • 46. Most _ like perfume.
      women woman womans womens
  • 47. This is _ car.
      Peter Peters a Peter Peter’s
  • 48. I was born on the 30th of January, that is on the _____ of January.
      thirty thirtieth thirteen thirteenth
  • 49. A hundred minus twelve is _.
      eighteen-eight eight eight eighty-eight eighty-eighteen
  • 50. The shoes are _ the bed.
      between under about to
  • 51. The sun is the clouds.
      behind in front of about on
  • 52. The bookstore is the coffee shop and the hotel.
      between on in at
  • 53. The park is _ of the hotel.
      across in front behind beside
  • 54. I go to school _____ bicycle.
      on by with in
  • 55. I don’t get up early Sunday morning.
      at in on -
  • 56. He was born _____ 5th March.
      at in on -
  • 57. I can’t sleep well night.
      at in on -
  • 58. They finished school last year.
      at in on -
  • 59. I needed some cash _ I went to the bank.
      but because that so
  • 60. I am fair _ my sister is dark.
      but because that so
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