Around the world (тест географический)

Тест английского языка на знание географии

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    1. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete these sentences.

  • 1. Japan, Korea and Taiwan are all in
      the Near East the Middle East the Far East
  • 2. The South Pole is situated in the
      Arctic Antarctic Antarctica
  • 3. New Zealand is part of
      Austria Australia Australasia
  • 4. Bangladesh is part of
      the Indian subcontinent India Indiana
  • 5. Guatemala is a country in
      North America South America Central America
  • 6. Argentina, Brazil, Colom bia, Panama and Honduras all form part of w h a t is often referred to as
      Latin America South America Spanish America
  • 7. Botswana is in
      South Africa southern Africa Central Africa
  • 8. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are know n collectively as
      Britain Great Britain the United Kingdom
  • 9. The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are part of
      Continental Europe Mainland Europe Europe
  • 10. Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates form part of what are known as
      the West Indies the Gulf States the European Union
  • 11. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are known collectively as
      the Baltic Republics the Caribbean Scandinavia
  • 12. Bangkok, Lima and Tunis are examples of cities
      capital capitol capitalism
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