Architecture (Архитектура)

Тест английского языка на знание архитектуры

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  • 1. The building is . It's been ruined and abandoned for years.
      destabilised derelict defunct
  • 2. She lives on a large housing near the centre of the city.
      estate state estuary
  • 3. There are several run -down districts inside the city w here the housing is in a bad state, although most of these are going to be replaced by high-rise apartments.
      slumps scrums slums
  • 4. The city council are going to the old church and built a new one in its place.
      demobilise demote demolish
  • 5. You can't knock down that house; there's a order on it which makes it illegal to destroy it.
      preservation preservative presentable
  • 6. Sir Richard Rogers is the who designed the Lloyds building in London.
      architect architecture architectural
  • 7. Some of the problems in our
      inter-cities internal cities inner cities
  • 8. The council hope to reduce crime in the town by introducing new facilities so that people have something to do in the evening.
      sociable socialist social
  • 9. The cinema is going to be closed for two months while the owners it.
      renovate remonstrate reiterate
  • 10. If you want to add an extension to your house, you will need permission from your local council.
      planning construction plotting
  • 11. In the US, the ground floor is called the floor.
      basement first bottom
  • 12. One way of creating more space in a house is to convert the into an extra room.
      attic ceiling roof
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