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Перевод Примеры
Безопасность- в колИчестве // Чем больше народу, тем увереннее и надёжнее фствует себЯ человек

"Are you and he enemies ?" "No man саn have а friend оп this border. We flock together like buzzards. There's safety in numbers, but we fight together. like buzzards over carrion." (Grey)

"I might join you too," he said, "if no other anangements have bееn made for me. It would bе а Ьit like staying on shipboard if we stuck together.'' "Safety in numЬers," the purser agreed. (Greene)

When l'd bееn walking slowly for ten minutes and he was still behind me, I began to get rather tired of it. I turned into а crowded coffee-house seeking warmth and security of numbers. (Вanks)