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Перевод Примеры
УвИдеть- значит поверить.

We11, 1'11 te11 you, Miss Grange, seeing's believing. I don't ever believe anything till I see it in the papers. (Maugham) А housing development on а frozen lake sounds like а fisherman's tall tale. So does а city buried in polar ice, or а community living undersea. But seeing suc:h plac:es is Ьelieving. (National Geographic)

Уou're а queer bird, Brande. I've often heard about you. You're а byword in the service. But you have to Ье seen to Ье believed. I ought to report you, of course. But I won't. Go back to San Jorge. And for God's sake try to Ье а human being. (Cronin)