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Перевод Примеры
Нет такого дурака. как старый дурак // Если уж старый человек начинает совершать глупости, то никакой молодой за ним не угонится.

"No fool like an old fool," Matilda grumbled. "Man who was almost sixty running off with а woman half his age." (Gardner)

"Go off with her, you mean? Why, he must Ье fifty !" "No fool like an-She's an attractive creature. Those Montjoys are celebrated for their charm. Would he listen to you, Con?" ( Galsworthy)

It makes me very angry sometimes. It's taken us forty years to get а real Labour Govemment and then just because they don't move fast enough for these young people, it's criticism, criticism all the time. But, there it is, I've always said the same. there's no fool like а young fool ! ( Wilson)