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Перевод Примеры
Любовь слепа // Влюблённые не вИдят недостатков друг друга.

"Fool! yes, I'm а fool ! Why do I love him so? Is it опlу because he loves me? Ah ! who саn say ; they say love is blind - nonsense, I саn see his faults, апd all too clearly ; 1 kпow all his want of purpose ; I know all his folly, аnd yet," she murmured, "I do love him dearly ; that very careless nоnсhаlаnсе апd iпdifference which is his Ьапе-уеs, 1 love that." (Smart)

"They're probably quite right," said Dr. Miller. "lt is indifference aod hatred that are blind, not love." "Not lo-ove !" Mark repeated derisively. "Perhaps we might поw sing а hymn. " "With pleasure !" Dr. Miller smiled. (Huxley)