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Перевод Примеры
Любовь побеждает всё.

"Of course you don't Iike him, Bruno. Why shou1d you? It was me that fe11 in 1ove with him." "ln the past tense?" "lt wasn't, until- oh God, I don't know ! Our backgrounds are different, too." "Love conquers аП, 1 heard somewhere." (Monsarrat)

Не was so sure that Brett 1oved him. Не was going to stay, and true love would conquer аll. (Hemingи·ay)

I guess I'm trying to warn you and myse1f too maybe. And don't tell me you just 1ove me. That isn't magic. I know. Love doesn't conquer а damn thing except peop1e's spirit, sou1s and 1ives, and beats them into jelly, makes them wish they were never born, empties them out 1ike а paper bag, and in the end destroys through comp1ete discouragement at misunderstanding the very capacity to 1ove. (McHugh)