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Перевод Примеры
ПосмотрИ, прежде чем прЫгнуть // Обдумай серьёзно все трудности и опасности, прежде чем что-то предпрИмешь.

"You want to Ье more careful, man," Urquhart went on in an altered tone. "Oh, I know, I know. You want to tear down the walls of Babylon- I was young myself once. But all the same, go slow, go easy, Iook before you leap ! Good night. Му compliments to your wife." (Cronin)

There is а person of the name of Gamp, sir- Mrs. Gampask her. She saw Mr. Jonas in а trying time... Let her Ье examined, my good sir. Strike but hear ! Leap, Mr. Chuzzlewit, but look ! (Dickens)

Now that they were appealing for Yeomanry recruits the Ьоу was thoroughly upset. Ought he to go? None of "the best", so far as he knew- and he was in correspondence with severalwere thinking of joining ... he did not want to go, for the ot her side of this young Forsyte recoiled from leaping before he Iooked. (Galsworthy)

"We could wait to see what happens, Palomides, don't you think. " "No Ieaps," assented Sir Palomides, "without previous looks." ( White)