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Перевод Примеры
ЖивИ и учИсь // Никогда не следует считать себЯ знающим всё - необходИмо постоЯнно совершенствовать своИ знания.

Тhе tall gamekeeper .. . looked with some surprise from Mr. Wink1e, who was ho1ding his gun as if he wished his coat pocket to save him the trouble of pulling the trigger, to Mr. Tupman, who was ho1ding his as if he were afraid of it . . . "Му friends are not much in the way of this sort of thing yet, Martin," said Ward1e, noticing the look. "Live and learn, you know. They'll bе good shots one of these days." (Dickens)

Her eyes announced that she Ьаd lived and learnt, that she knew more about life than any one whom she was likely to meet, and that having pre-eminently succeeded in lite, she had tremendous confidence in herself. (Вennett) She sighed, "I read somewhere that the essence of love is compromise. Not defeat." "Love and learn," Joe said smiling happily. "I'11 love- if you'll make an effort to learn." "We'll both learn," he said, "if we get а chance." (Frede)

"But we live and learn." "Ау, ау, Colonel, and very often we live and don't learn, but we shall certainly all die and learn." (Mackenzie)

Learn to live, and live to learn, lgnorance like а fire doth bum, Little tasks make large return. (Taylor)