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Оставьте доброе в покое // Не пыпытайтесь изменИть достаточно благоприЯтную длЯ вас ситуацию- своИми действиями вы можете её ухудшить.

What did it matter if he did chase himself а bit of venison now and then? There was four hundred square miles of forest, so they said, and enough for all. Leave wеП alone, that was Sir Ector's motto. But that did not alter the neighbours. ( White)

"Did you really want me to die when you brought me here?" "lf I were you l'd leave wеll alone, Kitty. I don't think any good will соmе of talking about what we should do much better to forget." (Maugham)

"The chief fault in Luke," said Sebastian Parish, "is that he is quite incapable of letting well alone." . . . "More than that," added Parish, "he glories in making bad а good deal worse. Do you mind my talking, old bоу?" (Marsh)