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Перевод Примеры
Спящих собах не будИ // Оставьте всё как есть, не предпринимайте никакИх действий, если Эти действии могут повлечь за собОй неприЯтности.

"If you take my advice, you won't elect yourself the one for him to conf"tde in," said Brown. "Кnowing you, I'd say you were at least considering it. But you may Ье stirring up а hornet's nest, opening up а сап of worms. Let sleeping dogs lie." (О' Hara) Sometimes they're right, my lad. And my impression is that they were right about Jimson. He's а fraud. Don't you have anything to do with him. Let dirty dogs lie, and swindle, and so on. (Cary)

This Cora, she knows Richard Abernethie was killed, yet she acquieses in the hushing up. Therefore it must bе one of the family who is concerned, someone whom the victim himself might prefer not to have openly accused. Otherwise, since Cora was fond of her brother, she would not agree to let the sleeping murderer lie. ( Christie)

"The thing's got to Ье faced; it's not in human nature for а sleeping dog like that to Ье allowed to lie. I don't care about young Desert-" "I do," said Michael. "lt's Dinny I'm thinking of." ( Ga/sworthy)