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Перевод Примеры
Чем меньше сказано, тем быстрее исправлено // Разговоры не помогают в трудностях, а наоборот - усугублЯют их.

Beyond the family, no one save Mr. Critchlow and Dr. Klarrop knew just how the martyr had finished his career. Dr. Кlarrop, having been asked bluntly if an inquest would bе necessary, had reflected а moment and had then replied : "No." And he added, "Least said soonest mended - mark me !" They had marked him. Не was common sense in breeches. (Bennett)

Barbara curled her lip. Had it not been for the scene they had been through that day with Miltoun, and for their real anxiety, both would have seen, then, that while their daughter was in this mood, least said was soonest mended. (Galsworthy)

Peter grinned. "1 won't ask what it is. ТЬе least said about Uncle Paul's good advice, tЬе soonest mended. Не is а most regrettable old man, and his judgement is disgustingly sound." (Sayers)

"You will excuse me, Mr. Tulkinghorn," observes Sir Leicester. "I think thе less said-" "Pray, Sir Leicester, let me hear the story out." (Dickens)