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Перевод Примеры
ПлохИе вести путешествуют бЫстро // О неприятностях узнают очень бЫстро.

"Where there's smoke there's bound to bе fire." Did I really hear those words, she asked herself, or is it just my imagination? How could the news have come down the trail so quickly? Her father used to say : "Ваd news travels fast because it has so таnу helping hands." If Martha Dinsmore knew and could feel this way, there would Ье others. (Stone)

"I tried not to let her know," said Miranda's mother, "about this-this horrible thing that happened. But I suppose that was а forlorn chance from the start." "Yes indeed," said Poirot. "There's nothing that goes round any residential centre with the rapidity as news of disaster, and particularly an unpleasant disaster." ( Christie)

Nearly forty thousand women were ordered to parade bareheaded and with naked feet before the huts. Fear travels fast and those who were forced to take part in this fiendish Folies Bergeres were fully conscious of its dread purpose. (Tickell)

"It is Sir Lancelot !" Nothing travels quicker than scandal, especially among supernatural people, so the four queens knew that he was in love with Guenever. ( White) Bad news flies араее, and in а surprisingly short time the event was known to, and greatly bewailed bу, the children and grandchildren of Robert Herries in Kensington, the family of Maurice in Portsmouth, of Humphrey at Seddon, and the Golds .. .in Edinburgh. ( Walpole)

You're finished here, I'm afraid. I '11 have to find another place for you. lt's going to bе very hard. News travels. You'll have to go to some obscure place. ( Caldwell)

"I hear you've had а Ьig success tonight, Miss Lambert." How quickly good news travelled. (Maugham)