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Перевод Примеры
КрИку много, а шерсти мало // Много суетЫ и хлопбт, а результаты ничтожны.

"Ауе ! So you must make an example of me !" said Larkins, pretending to look resigned. "Better саП all the fellows together, hadn't you, and make it more effective ? It would Ье grateful to one's feelings, you know- and, June," added he, with а ridiculous confidential air, "if you'll only lay it on soft, Гll take care it makes noise enough. Great cry, Iittle wool, you know." ( Younge)

Edward, who had expected а Corinthian, was disposed to rate him pretty cheap : more squeak tЬап wool, he thought, remembering some exotic stories which had filtered back to Yorkshire. (Heyer)

It was rather а difficult job scrambling back to life, and sometimes 1 am inclined to think it was а great deal of cry for very little wool. ( Voynich)