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Перевод Примеры
Каждый человек для себЯ // Каждый должен заботиться о себе, не рассчИтывая на постороннюю помощь.

"А mob led Chitali and me up а steep hill once, all rocks," Hugh said. "We rode them to а standstill on the top. 'Got to get 'em down now,' Chitali said. And away he went-" "Case of every man for himself?" Saul grunted. "That's right, Saul," Hugh said. (Prichard)

Тоm, Tom ! The man in all this world most confident in his sagacity and shrewdness; the man in all this world most proud of his distrust of other men, and having most to show in gold and silver as the gains belonging to his creed ; the meekest favourer of that wise doctrine, Every man for himself, and God for us all (there being high wisdom in the thought that the Eternal Majesty of Heaven ever was or can Ье, on the side of selfish lust and love !) shall never find, oh, never find, Ье sure of that, the time come home to him, when all his wisdom is an idiot's folly, weighed against а simple heart ! (Dickens)

"Oh, ies true enough ! I was damned hard up. Had to get money somehow. Found а nice little wad of notes in а drawer and helped myself to а few. 1 was very modest -didn't think my little subtraction would Ье noticed. Even then, they'd probaЬiy think it was the servants." Poirot said dryly : "It would Ье very serious for the servants if such an idea had been entertained." Charles shrugged his shoulders. "Every one for himself," he murmured. "And le maЬie takes the hindmost," said Poirot. "That is your creed, is it?" ( Christie)