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Перевод Примеры
Легче сказано, чем сделано // Проще составить план, чем привестИ его в исполнение.

"I was in the Himalayas with an lndian friend of mine and he sprained his ankle. It was impossiЬle to get а doctor and he was in great pain. 1 thought I'd try to do what the old У ogi had done, and it worked. У ou can believe it or not, he was completely relieved of the pain." Larry laughed. "I can assure you no one was more surprised than 1. There's nothing to it really; it only means putting the idea into the sufferer's mind." "Easier said than done." (Maughщn)

"So many kidnappings end up in а murder of convenience." "This one doesn't have to," he said, in а deep growling voice, "and, Ьу God, it isn't going to ! We'll рау them their money, and if they don't come through with Simpson we'll hunt them down." "I'm with you." But it was easier said than dоne. (Macdonald)