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Перевод Примеры
Дело естъ дело // Нет ничего важнее дела.

Whenever there was а contract to Ье entered upon, important move to Ье decided, or а representative of а manufactory to Ье sent anywhere to consummate а deal, Lester was the agent selected. His father trusted him implicitly, and so diplomatic and earnest was he in the fulfilment of his duties that this trust had never been impaired. "Business is business", was а favourite axiom with him. (Dreiser)

Не gets worse. Talk about rough riding or whatever they call it ! He's the complete bouncing bounder. Business may Ье business, but give me а gentleman to deal with in it, every time. (Priestly)

I was surprised, I said, that Henry who had а real flair for publishing because he cared about books should bе led into this sort of 'business is business' attitude that, if persevered in, would mean confining one's list to all the dullest books produced. ( Wilson)