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Перевод Примеры
Поступки говорЯт громче, чем слова / Действия важнее речей.

"Only historians tell you what they thought. Research workers stick to what they did." "What they did is all I want to know. I've always been а believer iп the old saw that actions speak louder than words." (Теу)

This is, therefore, one of the most perfect cases of circumstantial evidence we have ever had in our office. The circumstances speak Louder than words and more emphatically than any words or any denial. ( Gardner)

The clothes of the indignant arisitocrat probably spoke louder than hi tongue ; the officer dropped his hand, and after consulting some papers in his hand, walked across to consult with the unkempt gentleman in the car. ( Chesterton)

Everyone admitted the country was in а mess and all they ever seemed to do was to write and talk about it. Henrietta and Elizabeth wanted action, not words ; Evelyn Larkin promised а new world, not in the future, but now. (Hawkesworth)