sound - типичные ошибки в английском со словом sound
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Не правильно ❌ Правильно ✅ Пояснение
1. I turned the volume right up but there were sti ll no sounds.

2. The engine was old and was making a lot of sound.

3. I heard a noise which sounded to be a helicopter.

4. Her voice sounded more seriously than before.

1. a sound (countable) = something that is received by your sense of hearing: 'The first time I went snorkelling I heard sounds I had never heard before.'
sound (uncountable) = everything that is received by your sense of hearing

2. noise = (usually) loud or unpleasant sound

3. sound like something

4. Sound belongs to a group of verbs (including be, feel, look, seem, smell, and taste) that are followed by adjectives rather than adverbs.

1. пояснение

2. пояснение

3. пояснение

4. пояснение

5. пояснение