more or less - типичные ошибки в английском со словом more or less
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Не правильно ❌ Правильно ✅ Пояснение
1. Some women more or less are forced to work nowadays.

1. Some women are more or less forced to work nowadays.

1. When there is no auxi liary verb, more or less may be placed immediately before the main verb: 'She more or less forced me to invite her.' However, when the main verb is be, then the phrase more or less is placed immediately after it: 'Don't stop now! We're more or less there!' Otherwise more or less goes immedijltely after the (first) auxiliary verb: ' If you've more or less finished, I'll start clearing up.' Note, however, that in many cases more or less may be placed at the end of the clause: 'She forced me to invite her, more or less.' 'We' re there, more or less!' 'They've finished the job, more or less.'