many - типичные ошибки в английском со словом many
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Не правильно ❌ Правильно ✅ Пояснение
1. It's important to understand why there is so many violence in our world .

2. One of the policemen started asking me many questions

1. It's Important to understand why there Is so much violence In our world.

2. One of the policemen started asking me a lot of questions.

1. Many is used only with countable nouns: 'too much traffic' but 'too many cars'.

2. Many is used before a noun (or as a pronoun) mainly in questions and negative sentences: ' Does he have many friends?' 'He doesn't have many friends.' In affirmative sentences, phrases such as a lot of and plenty of are used. Note, however, that many is used in affirmative sentences after too, so, and as ('You ask too many questions. ') and sometimes in formal contexts ('Many accidents arise as a result of negligence').