instructions - типичные ошибки в английском со словом instructions
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Не правильно ❌ Правильно ✅ Пояснение
1. I read the instructions book very careful ly .

2. The machine is suppl ied with instructions how to use it.

1. I read the Instruction book very carefully.

2. The machine is supplied with Instructions on how to use it.

1. Many nouns that are usual ly plural drop their -s when used to modify another noun. Compare: 'a book of instructions' and 'an instruction book', 'a shelf for books' and 'a book shelf' , 'a holiday lasting ten days· and 'a ten-day holiday'

2. instructions on how to do something Note that a number of other prepositions can also be used, including about, as to, regarding, and concerning.