come - типичные ошибки в английском со словом come
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Не правильно ❌ Правильно ✅ Пояснение
1. The little boy was afraid of his father and didn't want to come back home.

2. The students who are coming from Japan are hard-working.

1. The little boy was afraid of his lather and didn't want to go back home.

2. The sludent who come from Japan are hard-working.

1. Come is used for movement towards the place where the speaker is, was, or intends to be, or towards the person being talked about: 'Why have you come here?' 'Suddenly a tall woman came Into his office.'
Go is used for movement in other directions.

2. When come from means 'have as a place of origin' or 'was born in', it is NEVER used in a progressive tense. However, when come from means 'travel from', the progressive forms can be used: Compare: 'She comes from Germany. ' (= she was born in Germany) 'She is coming from Germany.' (= she is travelling from Germany)