6 Minute English with BBC (69 выпусков)
6 Minute English with BBC (69 выпусков)
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Учите и практикуйте Английский язык на примере повседневных ситуаций вместе с BBC. «6 минут английского языка» - ваша еженедельная инструкция как говорить или что-то сделать на Английском языке. Каждая программа длиться шесть минут и содержит примеры и объяснения чтобы помочь вам расширить диапазон своих знаний Английского языка.

01 - This week we look at different ways of making recommendations. How can we soften our advice in order to seem less bossy? скачать
02 - Occasionally, at work or at home, someone will say something that is very rude and offensive. How can you react in a way that makes this person realise how shocked and offended you are by their words? скачать
03 - In Britain, honest people don't always say what they mean! This week in How To, we look at how you can use sarcasm to make a point or to be funny. скачать
04 - Learn about the language of air travel as Jackie and Callum discuss controversy over the expansion of London?s Heathrow airport. скачать
05 - Jackie and Callum talk about a new device which some people are using to get rid of gangs of teenagers. The 'mosquito' emits an annoying sound which only young people can hear. Is it a good way of stopping young people from causing trouble? скачать
06 - Internet crime is booming as more and more people use online services. Jackie and Callum talk about the language of some of the most common computer-related crimes, otherwise known as 'cybercrimes'. скачать
07 - The American writer, Ernest Hemingway, bet ten dollars that he could write a complete story in just six words. He won the bet ? but what did he write? Could you tell the story of your life in just six words? Join Jackie and Callum as they share theirs. скачать
08 - Today Jackie and Doug talk about the language of management and managers. Is being a manager ever fun? We hear the views of a management columnist at the Financial Times. скачать
09 - Many beautiful animals, such as pandas and whales, are in danger of being killed off by human activity. Some people are working to save these creatures... but what about the less pretty species? We hear from an environmental expert who argues that we shou скачать
10 - Jackie and Amber hear from Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus about the concept of 'social business'. Why does he think this is a more effective way of fighting poverty than charity? скачать
11 - Today's programme looks at the many ways to show interest in what someone else is saying and some of the most common ways of doing this. скачать
12 - Today's programme looks at telling stories, jokes or anecdotes. We find out how present verb forms can be used to describe past incidents when speaking informally. скачать
13 - Do you have a mobile phone? Could you live without it? Jackie and Doug look at language from the world of mobiles and texting. скачать
14 - Doug and Jackie talk about the language of dieting and losing weight. What?s a ?low-carb? diet? Has Doug ever gone on a diet? скачать
15 - A look at ghost writing ? why do so many celebrities today turn to ghost writers to write their life stories for them? скачать
16 - Language discussion based on the news story that the rare and endangered pygmy hippo has been caught on film in Liberia. скачать
17 - If you argue with someone in a shop or market over the price of something, we call this ?haggling?. Although it isn't the custom in the UK to haggle every time we shop, it is something we do for very cheap things... or very expensive things. скачать
18 - Elena needs a ladder, but why? Find out and also learn about the verbs to borrow and to lend in this week's programme. скачать
19 - Callum Robertson looks at the language we can use when describing a process; for example describing how to make the perfect omelette. Learn the language and the recipe this week. скачать
20 - Has a change in drinking laws in England and Wales affected people?s attitudes to alcohol? We?ll be hearing from a medical worker as Jackie and Elena talk about the language of drinks and going out. скачать
21 - Credit crunch: this expression is everywhere in the media these days but is very new. Where and when does it come from and what does it mean? скачать
22 - Giving instructions: Learn another great recipe and some more linking words and expressions in this programme. скачать
23 - Cryptozoology: Callum and Jackie discuss strange animals like Big Foot, Yetis and the Loch Ness Monster. Do such creatures really exist? скачать
24 - Elena is leaving BBC Learning English to travel the world. In her final programme she talks to Callum about travelling, living abroad and emigrating. скачать
25 - Jackie and Senjuti are in of one of the busiest and noisiest parts of the world - downtown Dhaka! They are among the cars and rickshaws, discussing a topic that's not going anywhere fast: traffic... скачать
26 - This week, Yvonne and Callum ask: is there any difference between a really big hill and a small mountain? скачать
27 - We look at the results of a recent survey in which 3,000 British people were asked to pronounce some of the most difficult words in the English language. Yvonne and Callum try their luck at pronouncing a few of those words and achieve some rather funny results! скачать
28 - In 2017, European scientists plan to go on a very special space mission ? landing on an asteroid. But why do they want to visit an asteroid and will there be space for Callum on the spacecraft?! Before he went off to pack, Callum joined Yvonne for this week's programme to find out more about the Marco Polo Mission. скачать
29 - For many people across the world, one of life's most valuable qualities is wisdom. But can a few words of wisdom really help us all lead more successful lives? скачать
30 - We've got an interesting case from Italy and it makes us think about the question of ? well, when as an adult, should you stop depending on your parents - financially? скачать
31 - The British National Archives is a place where all kinds of top secret documents and records are kept about Britain's history. But after thirty years, many are made public. We find out about an extraordinary document - a script written during the 1970s and now available for everyone to see. скачать
32 - Yvonne finds out why there's a separate Black film makers' International Film Festival in London and talks to the director of an award-winning short film. скачать
33 - We find out about an interesting challenge to an employment law in South Korea. The law, passed in 1963, stops people who aren't blind from working as massage therapists. But isn't this unfair? скачать
34 - Yvonne Archer is joined by William Kremer for a sporting programme as they find out about the life and times of Eddie Gilbert, one of the world's greatest cricketers. скачать
35 - If you got a letter saying that local officials wish to engage you as a stakeholder, would you think it was a marriage proposal or perhaps an invitation to a barbecue? And who could forgive you for not knowing what that letter meant? Most of us wouldn't! In this programme, William joins Yvonne as she finds out about an attempt at jargon-busting ? getting rid of jargon! скачать
36 - Got warm hands? That just might explain the type of person you are! We hear the results of some research into whether there's any real link between warm hands and a warm heart скачать
37 - We hear from Ralph Berold, a very impressive South African man who used to think of himself as 'an academic' - but then his studies lead him to become 'an activist' within the area of HIV/AIDs. скачать
38 - Everyone, young and old, loves a good story - so today, we hear from a writer who lives in Senegal. We find out what she writes about in her award-winning stories and why. скачать
39 - Many of the stories we hear about Sudan are quite sad and sometimes disturbing. So this week, join Yvonne Archer as she and William Kremer reveal a positive and uplifting story about what one man - a volunteer at a very special school in Sudan - is doing to help with the peace process. скачать
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41 - It is estimated that in the UK, as many as 10,000 children are in private fostering arrangements but only about 1500 are known to the local authorities. But what is private fostering and why should we all know about it? скачать
42 - Do you work somewhere where you can behave in a relaxed way around colleagues, or do you have to be very polite and a bit distant? Is there a dress code? Do you have to ask permission to leave the room? This programme is about formality at work - we find out how things have changed over the years. скачать
43 - Kate and Jackie talk about the iconic dolly, Barbie who celebrates her 50th birthday this year. She may be hugely popular across the world but is she any kind of female role-model for young girls? скачать
44 - We'll be listening to a report about some research which might help to explain some of the mysteries of love - such as why we fall in love! скачать
45 - We?re looking at how changes in the economy are affecting what people eat. As we do this, we?re also looking at the language of money and economies. скачать
46 - We hear from scientist, Mark Pagel who has been using a 'super computer' to study our use of words and their evolution. Join us as we find out what words he predicts will become extinct and how long ago the first English words were spoken. скачать
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53 - Kate and Jackie discuss why daily horoscopes and astrology are so popular in the UK. скачать
54 - Kate and Jackie discuss spring-cleaning and women's changing attitude to housework. скачать
55 - With all the scientific and technological progress around the world, how come poor sanitation still remains a mass child killer? And - how we can save lives by learning a few lessons from the past - for example, from the 19th century Britain. скачать
56 - In this programme, we discuss workaholism and hear from someone who used to work 20 hours a day! скачать
57 - We are discussing the growing trend of exchanging your house or apartment with someone in a different country for a short period. But would you be willing to swap your house with a stranger rather stay in a hotel? скачать
58 - We meet a ballet dancing grandfather of 11 who has had his stage debut at a surprisingly respectable age! скачать
59 - Rebecca Byrne joins Kate this week to tell her all about her experience of gliding. We'll also be hearing from 93 year old Moyra Johnson, president of the North Yorkshire Gliding Club and finding out what it was like to fly back in the 1930s. скачать
60 - Scientists have discovered a small bug which lives entirely on its own, without oxygen, in complete darkness. They say it is the loneliest creature on the planet! Join Dima and Rebecca as they are listening to and discussing an interview with one of those scientists. скачать
61 - Dima and Kate discuss a report from Germany where one company plans to install hundreds of gold dispensers at stations, airports and shopping malls. But why? скачать
62 - We are focusing on words and phrases people use when talking about business and money as we hear about one small town's rather unusual attempt to protect itself from the global financial crisis. Maleny in Queensland, Australia, is about to introduce its own currency! скачать
63 - Join Kate and Rebecca as they discuss the changing fashions of tanning throughout the years. скачать
64 - Kate and Rebecca discuss the growing trend of couch surfing. Certainly cheaper than a hotel but would you do it? Kate and Rebecca discuss the pros and cons of sleeping on a stranger's sofa. скачать
650 - This week Kate and Rebecca discuss the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. скачать
66 - Join Dima and Kate to find out about a campaign by the supporters of an Indian tribe whose historical land - the Niyamgiri Mountain range - may soon be used for industrial mining. скачать
67 - Kate and Rebecca discover how clouds have been classified over the last two hundred years and hear from the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. скачать
68 - Join Dima and Rebecca as they discuss beekeeping and find out what exactly is happening to the bee population in the UK - and what we can do about it! скачать
69 - Dima and Rebecca discuss 'ginger whingeing'. Just why do redheads complain so much? Well it looks like science has the answer! скачать