Better English Pronunciation. J. D. O'Connor

This is the new edition of a highly successful and widely used text on pronunciation. It provides a systematic and thorough introduction to the pronunciation of English to help intermediate and more advanced students improve their production of the spoken language. After a short introduction to pronunciation problems the author explains how the speech organs work; he then deals with each sound separately before dealing with words in combination, rhythm-patterns and intonation. Practice material is given at intervals throughout the book. The particular difficulties of the speakers of certain other languages are noted, and remedial exercises provided. A recording of all the practice material in the book is available on cassettes.

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Год выпуска: 1998 (20th printing, 1980 2nd ed.)
Автор: J. D. O'Connor
Жанр: учебное пособме
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Язык: английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Количество страниц: 150 (82 разворота)
Формат аудио: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 64 кбит/с
ISBN: 0-521-23152-3

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