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Самые полезные английские фразы 201 - 250

Список наиболее необходимых английских выражений. Расположены по алфавиту.

оно того стоит /оно того не стоит; (не) стоит покупать, посетить, смотреть и т.д.

Watch this film, it’s worth it. Don’t buy this coat, it is not worth it. This museum is worth visiting. This film is not worth watching.



Stop reading, it will do for now.

ухватиться за возможность

His boss mentioned a job in Europe, and Peter jumped at the opportunity.

предпочел бы (это)

I’d just as soon stay home, I’m tired.

на всякий случай

Take an extra shirt, just in case.

Мне всегда не везет!

They lost my job application. Just my luck!

последить за, присмотреть за

Betty keeps an eye on my sons for me. I’ll keep an eye on you!

стараться не смеяться

I tried to keep a straight face, but failed.

составить компанию

She keeps me company quite often.

держать слово

You promised, now keep your word.

держать в курсе событий

Keep me posted about your plans.

надеяться, что все пройдет гладко

I have a job interview today. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?

убить время

I went to the show to kill time.

ничего не знать по какой-то теме

I don’t know the first thing about nuclear physics.

знать все ходы и выходы

He knows all the ropes in this company.

сообщение в последний момент

His arrival was a last-minute notice, we didn’t have time to prepare for it.

сказать честно, открыть карты

Finally, we asked him to lay his cards on the table and tell us about his plans.

ставить жизнь на карту

He laid his life on the line to fulfill this task, but nobody appreciated his efforts.

вести собачью жизнь

He leads a dog’s life.

заставить кого-то поверить неправде

They suspect that you are leading them on. You led me on!

оставить как есть

Leave it at that, what else can you do?

оставить сообщение

He left word for you to meet him at the airport at 6.

не ворошить прошлое

Why don’t you let bygones be bygones and forget about what he said?

отпустить, не держать

Let go of my hand or I’ll call the guard.

освободиться от тяжелого переживания

He’s still in despair and can’t let (it) go. You can’t change anything, so let it go.

держаться неофициально

She is always so formal. She never lets her hair down.

подвести кого-то

Don’t let me down this time!


Let me know when you find a job.

какой отец, такой и сын

Paul won a prize in a chess tournament. Great! Like father, like son!


Little by little, he got used to Tokyo.

look for — search for


What are you looking for?

ожидать с нетерпением

I’m looking forward to your letter. Mary is looking forward to the party.


Look out! The bus is coming!

посмотреть в словаре или справочнике

If you don’t know this word, look it up in the dictionary.


He loses his temper very often.

потерять дорогу

I lost my way. Can you help me?

потерять из виду

I lost track of him years ago.

счастливый случай

He got his lucky break when he got this job.

зарабатывать на жизнь

He works hard. His family is big, and he has to make a living somehow.

учитывать, делать скидку на

Don’t criticize him so hard, make (an) allowance for his inexperience.

считать обязательным для себя сделать что-то

Make a point of asking about his wife. Make it a point to be here by 10.

сводить концы с концами

His doesn’t get much money. I wonder how he manages to make ends meet.


Anton makes new friends easily.


He made fun of her German accent.

сказать прямо, не скрывая отношения

I’ll make no bones about it: I don’t like your attitude to work.

освободить место для

We can make room for one more dog.

имеет смысл

What you say makes sense.

извлечь лучшее из

Let’s make the most of our vacation.


I’m tired of fighting. Let’s make up.

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